Building on Hallowed Ground: Announcing Daemon Technologies 地灵科技

Xan Ditkoff
August 31, 2020

Today, Daemon Technologies(地灵科技),a Hong Kong based LLC, is officially coming out of stealth mode. Daemon will focus on driving the adoption of Stacks technology in Asia.

The vision for a new, independent company focused on markets in Asia was first laid out in Blockstack PBC's Next Steps on the Path to Decentralization. Creating that independent organization, with it's own leadership and physical presence in Asia, is the single most important step in ensuring Stacks technology is successful in markets such as China and Korea.

Daemon is the result of Asia based Stacks (STX) investors coming together with former Blockstack PBC core team members to focus on developing the Stacks community in Asia. Daemon will do this by pursuing the following strategy, and leaning into specific projects with early signs of success:

  1. Identify under served opportunities within the Stacks Ecosystem.
  2. Build software and validate business models around these opportunities.
  3. Open source the software, and/or offer a service for third parties.

The initial business model is simple: (1) Hold Stacks (STX) tokens to earn Bitcoin. (2) Use that Bitcoin to Mine more STX on a discretionary basis. In addition, Daemon's early focus will also include exploring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) use cases with Clarity Smart Contracts.

In short, Daemon Technologies will be the center of Proof of Transfer, STX Mining, and Stacking for Asia.

Initial Team

Daemon Technologies (地灵科技) seeks to attract entrepreneurial leaders and engineers from the crypto and financial industries. The initial team consists of:

Xan Ditkoff, Growth Partner at Blockstack PBC, is leaving PBC to become the Founder & CEO at Daemon Technologies (地灵科技). Xan joined the PBC core team as one of the first 10 members in 2017, and grew the independent ecosystem built on top of Stacks technology to over 400 projects by the end of 2019. For the past year he has worked to bring Stacks technology to markets in Asia. Xan will lead Daemon's strategy and initiatives, as well as sit on the Board as a Director.

Gavin Gao, Blockstack PBC's first technical lead based in China, will leave PBC to join Daemon Technologies as the Head of Engineering. Gavin received his Masters in Computer Sciend and Distributed Systems from the University of Hangzhou, and spent the past year building the initial developer community and infrastructure for Stacks in China. In his new role, Gavin will lead Daemon's technical organization, and will oversee the development of all technical projects.

Stay tuned for further details on Daemon's official advisors and early partners in the coming weeks. If you're interested in working with us, you can get in touch at

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Originally posted on: 8.31.2020

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