Announcing the Beta Release of Daemon's Mining Bot

Xan Ditkoff
January 14, 2021

Daemon Technologies was founded in 2020 with the goal of spreading the adoption of Stacks technology in Asia. Our initial focus in service of that mission has been to lower the barrier of entry and improve the experience of mining Stacks (STX) tokens. To this end we are excited to announce the Beta release of the Mining Bot for mainnet! You can follow this documentation and watch the demo here to give it a try.

Daemon's mining bot was extensively tested by miners on testnet. That being said, the Mining Bot v2.0 is still a Beta, open source product, and the user assumes any and all risk when using. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our mining competitions, which saw overwhelming response. Your feedback allowed us to make the improvements for this new release.

This new release includes a comprehensive overhaul of the bot. A user can now easily toggle the bot to be used on the Stacks 2.0 main network, the Xenon test network, and the Krypton network. The data module has been augmented to pull in more data about how many other miners are on the network, their mining activity, and the ability to query your own mining activity using your addresses. We've also added the ability to one-click install a Stacks node from within the UI, as well as easily configure and connect a Bitcoind node for use on Xenon and mainnet.

You can see a comprehensive user guide to the v2.0 Beta of the Mining Bot here.

Furthermore, the bot presents the user with an easy-to-digest interface that shows:

  • Currency price information: STX, BTC trading pair information
  • Miner information
  • Mining information
  • Chain information
  • Block information

(Mining Bot Interface)

We're proud of how much this new release further lowers the barrier to entry to STX Mining, but there's much more to do to make STX mining even easier in the future. To get started right away, click here to view documentations and to install.

Click here to learn more about mining on Stacks 2.0.

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